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Retail Analytics

Grip Places' Retail Analytics empowers businesses with real-time insights, transforming data from existing security cameras into actionable strategies for enhanced customer engagement and optimized operations.

Marketing Validation Tool 

Utilizing all collected data points, our Marketing Validation Tool provides a comprehensive view of customer trends. It aids in optimizing existing marketing strategies, enhancing repeat business, acquiring new customers, and allocating funds to specific marketing channels effectively.

Age & Gender 

Demographic Profiling utilizes Grips proprietary machine learning and AI technologies to generate detailed Gender and Age Profiles, enabling retailers to tailor strategies based on customer demographics.

New vs Repeat Customers Trends

Analyzing the breakdown of new versus repeat customers and their percentages allows restaurants to make informed decisions about marketing strategies, revenue forecasting, and customer experience enhancement, ultimately driving business growth and profitability.

Time-Onsite & Customer Engagement

Time-on-site data at retail locations informs both customer engagement and employee productivity, as well as customer-to-employee engagement. It facilitates the optimization of store layouts, identification of peak hours, and enhancement of operational efficiency, all contributing to driving business success.


Optimize staffing levels and avoid understaffing to meet customer demands and cut costs by preventing overstaffing. Achieve the right balance for enhanced customer experience and operational efficiency.

Custom Analytics | Innovation 

Custom Analytics at Grip Places means crafting tailored models when standard features aren't enough. We provide unique solutions for your business, empowering decision-making with personalized, data-driven strategies.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.


Let’s Work Together

If you’re interested in setting up Grip Places onsite analytics for your locations(s) or want to learn more, contact us today to explore how our tailored solutions and expertise can provide actionable insights for your unique needs.

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