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Commercial Real Estate

Grip Places transforms buildings into "Smart Buildings" by unlocking the potential of tenant usage data. This valuable information empowers building operators to enhance operational efficiency, improve tenant satisfaction, and make informed decisions for effective building and tenant management.

Tenant Usage

Anticipating tenant usage trends before the lease agreement expires allows leadership to proactively address minimal utilization, ensuring timely preparation for the departure of clients who may not renew. This foresight enables an early start in the search for new tenants.

Facility Optimization 

Explore usage trends of various amenities within your premises. This is particularly significant for evaluating overall tenant satisfaction and analyzing the profitability of strategically positioned coffee shops or restaurants. Understanding amenity usage provides valuable insights into the impact on overall business dynamics and financial performance.

Building Staffing

By empower building operators with insights into foot traffic and occupancy patterns. This data-driven approach allows operators to optimize staffing levels, improve operational efficiency, control costs, and enhance tenant satisfaction. It's our win-win-win approach. 

Leasing Rate 

Analyzing building foot traffic and overall facility usage enables building operators to make informed decisions on pricing, ensuring that lease rates align with the perceived value of the space and amenities provided. This data-driven approach enhances accuracy in establishing competitive and appealing lease rates, contributing to improved financial outcomes for the property.

Parking Lot | Vehicle Detection & Occupancy

Boost event performance for building operators with detailed insights into occupancy and amenity usage. This data-driven approach empowers informed decisions, optimizing event spaces for tailored experiences and overall performance improvement

Custom Analytics | Innovation 

Custom Analytics at Grip Places means crafting tailored models when standard features aren't enough. We provide unique solutions for your business, empowering decision-making with personalized, data-driven strategies.

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Let’s Work Together

If you’re interested in setting up Grip Places onsite analytics for your locations(s) or want to learn more, contact us today to explore how our tailored solutions and expertise can provide actionable insights for your unique needs.

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