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We offer enterprise level technology at a low monthly subscription cost starting at $30 per month. Because we utilize existing security camera infrastructure and an onsite-edge-computing device, we anticipate a minimum ROI at 3x within in 4-6 months.  

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3 Steps To Grow Your Business With Grip Places

Set-up a Risk Free Trial Today 

Understand Business Needs
What is the ROI you're looking to achieve? 

  • Marketing Validation Tool

  • Understand the foot traffic

  • Dwell Time 

  • Under or Overstaffing

  • Tenant or Space Utilization

  • Ect... 


Consultative & Collaborative 



Expectations of Trial Acct  30-45 Days

  • Activate Grip Trial Acct 

  • Hardware Review 

  • Scheduled Weekly Data Review 

  • Understand Success Criteria

  • Set Proper Expectations 

  • Pricing Discussion 

  • Once Live: Data Starts Day 1 

  • Custom Train Analytics to Customer Location(s)

Trial Completion 

  • Did we achieve Success Criteria

  • Dedicated Acct Rep 

  • Agree to a strategic                On-boarding Plan

  • Finalize Global Rollout Plan 

  • How can we improved your data experience?  


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