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Fantastic four create Grip Places “Video Analytics as a Service”

Jon Stojan

Dec 22, 2023

Reported by Digital Journal: Grip Places transforms conventional security cameras into Smart-AI Data Driven tools.

Envision being able to predict on-site customer trends, empowering GMs to make informed business decisions and fine-tune operations for a better understanding of the customer journey. No more guessing the required staff for a Wednesday night, just data-driven insights shaping your strategy and improving the bottom line.

With Grip Places, it’s like having your personal psychic. Co-founders Jon Fairband, Kyle Schommer, Anthony Hildoer and Jed Levin have developed a tool that delivers “Video Analytics as a Service” to the retail and hospitality industries.

Utilizing their own proprietary AI and ML technologies, Grip Places uncovers insights into customer demographics, emotional sentiment, gender distribution, age and more. This valuable data aids business operators in refining marketing strategies, drive operational efficiencies, and elevating customer experiences. With a strong focus on privacy, Grip Places ensures customer information remains anonymous.

Beyond this, the platform offers tailored solutions for seamless integration with existing business intelligence tools, point-of-sale systems, etcetera and can customize models to meet specific company needs. In essence, Grip Places empowers business owners to make informed decisions, foster customer loyalty, and unlock their businesses’ full potential.

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