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Grip Places is committed to enabling businesses to enhance operational efficiency with the help of Smart-AI Data-Driven Cameras, while also offering a comprehensive Energy Audit to help manage our customers carbon footprint.


Through the adoption of Grip Places' services, businesses are positioned to boost their bottom-line revenue by leveraging improvements in operational efficiency and cutting down on operational expenses. This approach not only sets our clients on a path to sustainability but also ensures a more profitable future for them.


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Smart AI-Enabled Cameras

Leverage the latest in AI technology to turn your building into a "Smart Building" for location-based data.

Real-Time Analytics

Validate strategies, optimize marketing spend, and boost customer acquisition with our Marketing Validation Tool.

Energy Efficient 

We offer a risk free comprehensive energy audit to increase bottom-line revenue and lower your carbon footprint. 


Leveraging AI to Enhance Your Business

Grip Places was created to unlock the power of Location-Based analytics. By deploying our proprietary AI and Machine Learning tools, we're able to transcend conventional on-site analytics, providing insights that enhance visibility, optimize operations, and empower strategic, data-driven decisions. Choose Grip Places to unlock your Location-Based Data and elevate your business analytics today.


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If you’re interested in setting up Grip Places onsite analytics for your locations(s) or want to learn more, contact us today to explore how our tailored solutions and expertise can provide actionable insights for your unique needs.

Toll Free: (877) 420 – 9222 

Local: (720) 715 – 7222


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